10 Signs You Girlfriend Really Mate You

A mate in the Hand of God, but that does not mean we can not see the signs. We need to find out about this, if Si He (our boyfriend) really match us or not. Not only capital but also the confidence of the evidence that already exists to know if our boyfriend really our soul mate or not. 

Keep it as someone who is deeply in love with her boyfriend usually too sure without seeing signs that he is really a soul mate or not, love is blind. From it, hqsa.blogspot.com give signs if the He-mate you or not. Based on a true story, a trusted source, and also be seen from the facts around us. 

Signs he really mate you  http://hqsa.blogspot.com/
1. He can accept you for what it is with all its advantages and disadvantages. So also with you, you can also accept him no matter what. Early signs and important if you mate. But it needs another sign that things clearer. 
2. There is nothing else that makes you doubt each other. Convenience once felt in your relationship until there is no doubt to live with forever. 
3. Always be through the problems, obstacles, or trials in your relationship. Any heavy going to end well. The involvement of both can be through any ordeal in a loving relationship. 
4. There is no pretense of you. Both could be themselves without any play or existing at the beginning, namely the absence of pretense. 
5. There is also a prayer of blessing families of both parties. Not only parents but also both of you family.  
6. The existence of intentions and beliefs of both to continue to live together despite facing many trials. Can be strong together to lead a more serious relationship. 
7. Mutual loyal under any circumstances and wherever located. 
8. Demand and true forgiveness. Not only of words but also of action. 
9. Can give or seek happiness each couple. Can co-exist circumstances. 
10. The intention and effort both live forever as a good destination not only because of sheer lust.  http://hqsa.blogspot.com/2014/11/10-signs-you-girlfriend-really-mate-you.html

"Houses do not have to always like what we want, so your match anyone give thanks. Because God created it to complete Your Life.". 

Few if deemed pointless please share. Do not forget to read also Facts about mate.

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