How to Enable or Disable Regedit

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Hi, Long time no see, this time I want to share how to open regedit locked. It is very easy and simple really, just Follow the tutorial below: 

First way: 
1. Go to Run, Caranaya, Click the "Start menu -> All Programs ---> Accessories -> Run" or by means of "Windows + R". 
2. Type "gpedit.msc" without the quotes, click OK. 
3. Double click on "User Configuration" 
4. Double-click "Administrative Templates" 
5. Double click on "System" 
6. Right-click "Prevent access to registry editing tools", select Edit. At Double-click can also be 
7. Wait until a new menu appears 
8. The "Enabled" To lock regedit, while "Not Configured" is opposite "Enabled". Click Apply Lalo OK. 

Note: If not succeed, Try your pc / laptop in her first restart and try to open regedit ^ _ ^
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