How to Fix a Paste Hoi An iPhone in the Apple logo

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People who are trying to escape from the prison their iPhone device, facing very generally the problem. You only irregular in spite of too update or restore people this face. 

If he was stuck, your fully boot to iPhone of Apple logo, it does not cause a heart attack in miniature. However, this is not serious all things. You, by several methods, will be able to fix this. 

The first method, but you have shows how useful in iTunes, the second method, you will need tools such as such TinyUmbrella. 

For example, you, iPhone Let's see how that can be stuck fixed in the Apple logo at boot time: 

Step 1: I connect the iPhone to your computer via USB cable. 
Step 2: Put your iPhone in DFU mode 
To do so, please press the 10 seconds the home and power button. 
Then, release the power button, press and hold the Home button. 
iTunes is it will pop up to say that you have detected the device in DFU mode 
Step 3: Now, all you have to be it is to "restore" your iPhone 
Well, this is the easiest way to get your iPhone from the Apple logo. However, what happens if you have a what data that has not been backed up? Or, if you get an error, when you try to restore? 

We've covered a part of the iTunes of error material: you are the most significant mistake you would like to do that is to get to 1014.1015 or 16xx series of error. You can solve this problem by allowing you take a look our article about the error in iTunes. 

Your iPhone is pasted the Apple logo, you can backup has the necessary data, and I lose most of the data that you can not kick the iPhone from the Apple logo through other means If you are afraid that you will be. This, we, you means you can use a tool such as such Tiny Umbrella to treat this problem recovery mode. 

To do this: 
Download the open TinyUmbrella, has been recovery corrected. (Mac | Win) 
I will connect your iPhone 
Right-click the tool Fix recovery, you can open it via the terminal (operating system Mac). On Windows, I will simply open the file. 
It should help to solve the problem mainly on the iPhone. 

Note: recovery is, in fact, repair options to help kick the iPhone from recovery mode loop design is, in many cases, iPhone is stuck on the corrected Apple logo through the reform of recovery. It is the hope help you.

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