Error Downloading There is Insufficient Space on the Device

error downloading
If you're looking for a tutorial how to fix the error cannot download or update apps in play store seen the message "Error downloading there is Insufficient Space on the Device" 
You now are on the right because it has been visiting this site; will help solve the error problem. 

Steps to fix it as follows: 
  1. An example here the author has an error cannot download or upgrade all applications play store dim. Like the screenshot below 
  2. The solution is to download and install the application please clean the master, this application serves to clear the cache, junk and all the data that has been unused. 
  3. Download Clean Master 
  4. Open the master clean> JUNK FILES 
  5. Wait for it to finish the scan is complete. 
  6. If you have savings apk installer try to scroll down to see the list of obsolete apks, apk installer should uncheck applications that do not want erased. If it is ok select button CLEAN JUNK. 
  7. Using this application you can also move apps to the sdcard installed. How to access the main menu select App Manager> check the application you want move to SD Card> tap Move to SD Card. 
  8. If everything is finished cleaned and moved now try again to download or update apps from play store. 
Done, good luck good luck.

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