What is DHCP Server and DHCP Client

Definition or explanation dhcp server and dhcp client - DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, for those just learning to make or get to know in theory and practice of network would be a lot of questions of the self in order to know, to get the information as accurately as possible. 

Understanding DHCP Server and DHCP Client, the question often arises when we find something, cases or issues or questions from others in the field, when I read or see the difference between dhcp server and client, as well as I personally had crossed was about to ask different dhcp server and dhcp client on one network of teachers in the school, but there is a fear to ask just this, the explanation given concerns cannot make me understand or too theoretical or rightly so red: the teacher is rather sinister. 

This article I try to give a little explanation dhcp dhcp server and the client, based on my opinion may not be wrong in their delivery. 

It is generally known term used on the network dhcp (configurasiprotocol), gift / ip request automatically by the server to the client and the request from the client to the server ip, another way of giving manual ip / static. If interpreted from the acronym DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, 

Dynamic = dynamic 
Host = device / node 
= configuration settings 
Protocol = protocol 

So we can conclude the protocol settings of a device is done dynamically, or ditur controlled automatically by the system on the network. Protocol settings can be performed manually or can also be static and dynamic. 

DHCP Server 
dhcp server configuration protocol (IP address) is provided by the server to be given to the requesting client / ip request. (IP addresses) is given, is determined by the quota server ip administration could in a matter of minutes, hours, days and months, also accompanied by a net mask, gateway and dns server, it all depends on the settings on the server. 

DHCP Client 
Setup protocol (IP address) is done on the client, whether static or dynamic mode, dhcp client requests the server to provide ip, before the client is a dynamic ip, client prior to requesting an existing server on the network, and the server checks against the client requesting dynamic ip, if appropriate, and allowed the new server sends to the client ip. 

Note the picture below, the DHCP Enabled, IP address, subnet mask, gateway, dhcp server and dns server acquired or given server.

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