How fix the bootmgr is missing error

bootmgr missing error
So, today is an error that how I'm missing "I decided to write my first tutorial on the fix you can be" and toward had Toms Hardware "? "
If Windows 7 or Vista computer terrible error "was faced with a" missing, you are not alone. If it is limited, You can be fairly easily repaired as in hand the Windows DVD, is not a hardware-related problems. You, even if you have a Windows 7 repair boot disk.

So, I think I know how all of you to boot from the Windows disk, 
"Press the Del key to enter the setup of BIOS," your computer, job search screen options "F12 press power setting for something like this," or, and then restart. Please look for it. If you set up the boot. Option, and enter it, you can select to boot from your Windows no matter how in order not to run if the media is what. (In my case, it had USB). 
After boot from your Windows bootable media Well, you will find the installation of Windows 7 welcome screen. 
To determine your language settings, and then click Next. 

You'll find the installation options now in the next screen. When you view in the lower left corner, there is an option for "computer repair". I click on it. 

During the installation process, you can try to find your guide you through the installation of Windows Vista. If one or more is there is in the list, I choose the correct use of again [Next] button. 

Well, in the "System Recovery Options", click the first link "Startup Repair" 

Installation process will automatically repair the system, and then insist that you restart the computer. 

Now, you will need to repair it.

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