Beautiful Waterfall in Ngawi - East Java

If you like cool mountain atmosphere, commonly make mountains into a tourist destination to enjoy the weekend, like Sarangan in Magetan East Java, Kali Urang in Yogyakarta, and East Java town of Batu Malang, maybe from now on you do not need much to feel The same atmosphere. Bride Waterfall at City Hargomulyo Ngrambe Kripik Tempe Ngawi pleasure presenting no less charming.

Maybe for you the first time you heard the Bridal Falls, must be wondering? Why Bridal? Yaach, the uniqueness of this waterfall consists of two waterfalls side by side, like a bride. Bride's Waterfall has a height of approximately 12 m, and the source of water is very clear. Another uniqueness is to enjoy it, you have to down the valley and can see the beauty of a pair of new waterfalls.

For those of you who are still going to be married can visit the Bridal Falls in order to get closer to the wedding, and for those of you who are married will be more intimate and harmonious marriage. And even to want to find a mate, would be a refreshing sight to come here. "Bride Waterfall is very beautiful and unique, and interesting place to visit," said Regent Ngawi, Ir. Budi Sulistyono.

Bride Waterfall offers a different beauty from other waterfalls. Yaachh, Bridal waterfall still totally unspoilt natural aka, the feel of cool and cold and the water is amazing gemricik. You can shower and swim under the waterfall and of course full of freshness. You can also enjoy the atmosphere of unspoiled forest course with a walk around the waterfall.

Certainly not complete if you do not taste the natural scenery. You who live in the area can be a route Ngawi Ngawi - Paron - Jogorogo - Ngrambe to achieve Bride Waterfall, about 25 km from the city Ngawi. While the direction of Magetan can pass Panekan - Kendal - Jogorogo - Ngrambe. For those of you who live in the Madison area can pass Glodok - Kendal - Jogorogo - Ngrambe.

Bride's Waterfall natural coolness might just unforgettable, for those who have tasted beauty. Totally unspoiled and untouched development, located not far from residential areas. To achieve this is still the way down the path made by the citizens.

Uniqueness that distinguishes Bride Waterfall with another waterfall is a pair of numbers such as the bride and to reach the waterfall should be down the valley.

To further pamper guests, to the regency Ngawi will develop this tourist area with the construction of access roads, souvenir centers and souvenirs, cafeteria, rest area, home stay and flying fox. Aside from being a tourist attraction, the waterfall Bridal also holds the potential of energy resources that can be utilized for energy resource micro hydro power.

For those of you still wondering the beauty of this waterfall, do not let your curiosity raging, come and just enjoy the Bride's Waterfall. Yacch, certainly not complete if only enjoy the authenticity of nature Bridal Falls.

Like a dive while drinking milk, Bridal Falls tasting water, you can also enjoy legitnya durian and rambutan as well as a variety of other fruits, because the area is rich in fruits Hargomulyo. In addition you can continue to enjoy the other attractions on the slopes of Mount Lawu, there Suwono waterfalls, water Falls Srambang, Ketanggung warm water and tea garden also presents Jamus the lush natural beauty.

So wait no longer, go and taste virginity Bride's Waterfall in Hargomulyo Ngrambe, Ngawi.
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